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How to proceed When your boiler is leaking

Should you’ve found that your boiler is leaking there could be some explanation why. Our brief advice will let you to diagnose the condition and acquire to the cause of the leak.

one. Locate where the leak is coming from

When water is leaking from a boiler, it is best to try and ascertain what exactly is leaking and when, to help you notify your picked engineer. Very first, take a look at each of the pipes below the boiler; there needs to be seven.

Try to ascertain if the leak is coming from one of many 6 copper pipes, or maybe the plastic condensate pipe. If it’s coming from your condensate pipe, it may just become a free connection and will be a straightforward adequate deal with.

2. Verify if the leak is occurring

1st, flip the boiler off and Examine what occurs when it can be cold. May be the leak even now going on? Now, switch the boiler on and Test when it's incredibly hot and functioning. A great deal of some time, you’ll see that Once your boiler is on, the pipework expands and there is no leak.

Once your boiler starts to interesting down, you might typically detect the leak once again. When you've got this information ready in your engineer, it can help you save many time, as they can now remember it is one of the very hot pipes for the boiler.

On the other hand, if it continues to be leaking when the boiler is scorching, it is probably going the cold mains pipe.

three. See if the boiler is dropping force

In case your boiler is leaking AND shedding pressure, it might be leaking from a pipe which passes to the skin of your setting up. This is actually the PRV force reduction valve. A leak indicates the valve needs replaced ASAP, which ought to be a straightforward correct.


The choice is always that there’s a rather bigger dilemma that will require a replacement pressure vessel.

The perfect time to connect with in the professionals

Every time h2o is leaking, it can be quite annoying. I’d suggest finishing up most of the earlier mentioned checks after which contacting in a heating engineer as soon as possible. In this manner, it is possible to Enable him know your situation and he can repair it somewhat quickly.

When I'd a shopper trace a leak back again to your plastic condensate pipe, which aided us considerably as we understood what we were being gonna see once we bought there. It seems that in the event the kitchen fitter experienced crafted a cupboard within the boiler, the box was way too restricted, putting tension on the pipe.

I have also expert other circumstances of more mature boilers exactly where There's been a little drip through the valve connections, and the fix was genuinely merely a make any difference of changing washers. The leak could have gotten quite a bit worse if The shoppers experienced made an effort to tighten it on their own.

TIP: By no means tighten leaking boiler connections you. A few of these connections have fibre washers that aren't intended to be more than tightened. In the event you Do this, a small leak may possibly quickly get worse.

Safety advice

While most of the time a leaky boiler is circuitously perilous, you will need to ensure that you contend with the problem as quickly as possible as h2o damage may be pricey and there’s a chance it could influence your neighbours.

Most boilers have sensors which suggest the boiler will not likely fire when there is insufficient drinking water stress. Quite simply, the boiler can’t dry hearth and trigger harm to the boiler

Nonetheless, you should never leave a boiler leaking even though continuing to leading up the strain. This can trigger sludge to build up and the technique will drop its protective inhibitor.

Idea: Normally know where by to show your cold and warm water materials off. It is a excellent safety measure if h2o is near to the electrics.


In the event you’re stressing about your leaky boiler, try not to worry. This site features a useful listing of items to check right before contacting In this particular gurus. Figuring out in which the issue originates can save your engineer many time, but never test to fix a leak by yourself; you might turn out creating things even worse.


If you have a leaky boiler:

Obtain where by the leak is coming from

Check if plumbing repairs Glasgow the leak is going on

See When the boiler is shedding pressure

Recall, never retain topping up the tension on a leaky boiler, as This might bring about a sludge Establish-up, causing the program to lose its protecting inhibitor.

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